Surrounded by flowers and fruit

We are in an amazing garden of beauty.

The climate of Nairobi is perfect for growing – even though at the equator, the elevation keeps temperatures warm during the day but cool in the evening – plants can grow 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  






Tom, the head gardener, takes pride in his work – to him the gardens at Amani are a legacy that will go on past his time here. Our rooms have wonderful views just outside the door.


He carefully selects the plants, and the 3 gardeners work steadily with pruning, raking, and watering.  The climate that allows plants to grow continually, also means that there is a lot of ground maintenance.  Here the bougainvillea have climbed a tree and sit like a garden at the top of the tree.

 In addition to the roses in our rose bed,  we are sometimes blessed with bouquets of roses left behind after a wedding – like these roses that graced our little cottage for more than a week.  Over Valentine’s Day no less!

After the wedding tents were taken down, there were dozens of rose bouquets scattered around the ground.  We “rescued” over 60 roses to fill our vases in the cottage.  Cut flowers are big business in Kenya, and flowers are shipped daily to markets in Europe less than 24 hours after they are picked.

Plus we have fruit!   just outside our cottage we have a row of banana trees

can you spot the bunch of bananas?

which provides us with delicious bananas (the guard gets them for us!)

and we have an avocado tree.



The harvest of flowers and fruit contribute to Kenyan sustenance, and to the economy.

The best harvest however is the number of people coming to Christ as believers.  We are so privileged to hear the stories of those we meet who are working in this harvest field and are seeing people come to know Jesus.  Recently a Kenyan evangelist shared how sad he felt when people would come to Christ, but had no Bible in their home to continue to learn and study.  Good News Bibles from the Bible Society here cost 600 shillings ($6.00).  

  • Please be in prayer that Joshua and others will be able to provide Bibles for these new believers.
  • Today, we had a “chance” meeting in the grocery store with a missionary whose 2 year old son Thomas is in the hospital with a blood problem., possibly sepsis.  Please pray that this little boy will be healed and recover quickly!

Photo credits: Bud and Shari Yordy

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