Safe and Sound! Your prayers are much appreciated.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns for our safety and well-being.  We were vacationing at a lovely place on the coast when the attack on the Dusit Hotel occurred.  Our first inkling that there was a problem was when Reynold received a text message from a USA friend who was concerned.  We thanked God for our protection and prayed for those who were affected.

After our return to Nairobi we learned that the police response was immediate and effective, and that they safely evacuated 680 people from the hotel, but sadly there were 21 fatalities. The city soon resumed a normal pace, and Kenyans were very relieved that the action had been so swift.  Apparently American forces have held numerous trainings for the Kenyan police ever since the 2013 Westgate Mall attack which had 71 fatalities.   Security at public places has always been evident with screenings of vehicles and people.  It seems a bit tighter now.

Our kids – Melissa and Charlie, Reynold and Donna, and granddaughter Ella came for an 8 day visit.  After our time at Sand Island Beach, we journeyed to Amboseli National Park which is rich in African wildlife!  We saw more elephants than we could count!

Now we are back in the groove with assignments at Amani, and we just downloaded pictures!  So look for more travel info on this lovely country. 

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