Safari to Spot Wildlife of Amboseli National Park

After our relaxing beachtime, we headed back toward Nairobi on the train with a detour to Amboseli National Park.  What a fantastic trip!  We went into the park on afternoon, stayed at Kibo Safari Camp overnight, and then back into the Park the following morning.  We will let the pictures speak for themselves!

we are on our way!
majestic giraffe were among the easiest to spot
we saw more elephants than we could count – these with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background
the zebra grazed contentedly along our roadway
wildebeest were often in herds, but this one was alone
we saw many gazelle, antelope, and grazing animals
this hyena was shy and wanted a nap in the brush
the kari bustard is the heaviest bird to fly – weighs about 30 #
flamingos by the thousands at the lake

While we were watching a large herd of animals we could not yet identify, our driver suddenly stopped and did a 3 point turn and took off!  It felt like we were storm chasers trying to get pictures of a tornado!  on dirt roads!  There had been a lot of chatter on the 2-way radio, so we assumed we were on the way to something big.  We were!

two lionesses ignoring the safari vans and focused on something we could not see
a couple cubs emerged from the bush, and played, then disappeared

There were many other sightings – silver-backed jackals, African buffalo, warthogs, ostrich, and much more!

Check out our Facebook page budshariyordy for our fabulous front row seat of a parade of elephants crossing in front of us!  The video is amazing!  (Thanks Donna!!)  If you don’t have Facebook, find someone who does.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures.

Photo credits: family members

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