Peaceful Oasis in a city of 3 million people

Amani Gardens Inn is located just off a major 4 lane highway through the city, but we don’t hear the traffic except for an occasional ambulance siren.  Our sounds:

  • bird calls around 4:30 AM that stop when the sun gets up
  • cooing of the white doves that grace the gardens at the entrance
  • gardeners mowing and raking to keep everything attractive
  • laughter of children playing on the swings and at the playground
  • murmur of soft conversations in little nooks located here and there throughout the gardens

And this morning the sounds of a hymnsing from a conference room as a monthly gathering of folks joined for familiar 4 part harmony and concluding with the beautiful rendition of the doxology (606).  

It is hard to imagine that we are surrounded by 3 million people!  Some recent guests from Finland, Christian and Camilla, shared with us their recollections of living in Kenya 20 years ago.  Although they lived in a more remote area, they came to Nairobi once or twice a month to conduct business and do some resupplying.  It was always a very tense visit to the city because of the crime.  Their recent return brought them to a changed Kenya.  They remarked how very safe they feel traveling now; they are even able to stroll through a city park that at one time was unsafe.  

In spite of such a large city, we feel safe as we walk about.  Yesterday we walked to the closest shopping center which is just over a mile from Amani.  There were many other people also walking, and it was a pleasant and peaceful walk – except for some areas where the sidewalk was missing!  We do encounter security procedures at the shopping centers.  Many are like a screening at the airport.  Each car entering will be stopped and checked.  Seems very routine.

The gardens and atmosphere of Amani provide for a quiet respite from the city noise beyond the walls.  And a chance to forget that 3 million people are neighbors.


  • Joshua’s revival services went well and he was able to pray for many people; thanks for your prayers


  • Safe travels for our family – Melissa and Charlie, Reynold, Donna and Ella as they join us for some vacation time!
  • Please pray for a mission family whose loved ones are facing struggles – a mother in her 80’s with serious health issues, and a daughter with 2 young children whose husband has left the family

favorite tree for kids

Photos by Bud Yordy

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