Highlights from Week Two


Amani Gardens is a hub of activity – from overnight travelers to frequent visitors who come for business meetings, conferences, rest and relaxation.  We met long term workers from Ireland who have been in Kenya for more than 30 years, and know much more about the guesthouse than we do!  Many missionary families use Amani as a vacation spot with parents and/or grandparents from the USA.

Today leaders of a local peace organization working in the Muslim refugee settlements are at Amani with team building and teaching sessions. Over the weekend there were other seminars, and a wedding!  As we write this, we hear the laughter of children playing on the swings. 

This past week we were asked to be the “meet and greet” hosts for a group from EMM offices in Pennsylvania who were here for the East Africa EMM Retreat.  At the retreat we joined with folks from Ethiopia, Zanzibar, South Sudan, as well as here in Kenya.  It was a privilege to hear their stories, learn about the work and challenges of ministry, and worship together.

Another “perk” of our position was to help the visitors from PA (and us) learn about activities in Nairobi.  We visited churches, schools, and saw a Christian ministry outreach to a Somali Muslim community.  Plus visiting the Nairobi Safari Park, a Giraffe Park, a baby elephant orphanage, and more.  See pictures below!

Praise the Lord for:

  • Pleasant temperatures (although we need blankets at night)
  • Good conversations with staff and guests
  • Opportunities to travel to amazing places

Prayer concerns:

  • Learning the basic Swahili greetings
  • Ministry challenges among the poor and marginalized
  • Sensitivity to cultural norms
Outreach to Somali Muslim Community Roadside Fruit & Vegetable Stand 


Giraffe family at Crescent Island        King of the Jungle at Nairobi National Park


David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage        Zebra Herd at Nairobi National Park  


Monkey at Nairobi National Park        Momma & Baby Rhino at Nairobi National Park

The animals we saw are free roaming unlike a zoo.  We walked among the giraffe and other animals on Crescent Island, but at Nairobi National Park, we were in a safari van and were not allowed out of the vehicle.  God’s creation is Amazing!!  What an awesome God!

Note:  Photos by Bud Yordy

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  1. Beth Cayer

    Shari, the picture of you and Bud in the paper reminded me of your mission! I just returned home from our Christmas Eve service. Jon and I wish you a joyous, rewarding trip and, of course, a very merry Christmas!! Blessings! Beth

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