Arrived safely in Kenya

December 6, 2018 – Arrived safely last evening and had a good night’s sleep!  Today we were oriented to the guesthouse grounds, and local shopping venues.  We bought an inexpensive smart phone with a hot spot so we can have internet, exchanged US dollars for Kenyan shillings, and have unpacked, but still organizing our stuff!

Amani is so beautiful – lots of flowers blooming right now.  We have met several guests.  One lady is here from Finland, and actually worked in Cambodia for a number of years at same time as us!  Bud asked her how her room was, and she was happy with it except for the cold showers.  So Bud went with her to her room to show her how to get hot water from the on-demand water heater.  

We met some guests at 10:00 AM tea (this was a British colony for nearly 100 years!);  but were so busy unpacking that we missed the 4:00 PM tea.  We are going to have to get used to that schedule!  We have been meeting Amani and Eastern Mennonite Missions staff, and trying to keep all the names straight!

Thank you to those who have “subscribed” to the blog; we appreciate your comments and prayers.

Hopefully we can get some pictures for the next update!




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