A quiet reflective Christmas


We had a “borrowed” Christmas this year

We decorated for Christmas with a borrowed wooden nativity scene

and a borrowed Christmas tree with lights and a few ornaments

and a lovely poinsettia near our front walkway.

Do you see the little picket gate that leads to our cottage?

We had several opportunities to go out of town for Christmas, but in the end we stayed at Amani and relaxed, had our Christmas devotions and spent time in a reflective mode.  On Sunday we attended Lavington Vineyard Church and they had a lovely Christmas service.  At the conclusion everyone had lighted candles and we sang the Hallelujah Chorus.  So beautiful!!

This was our second time to attend this church; our first time there was a special Baby/Child Dedication service and 11 children were dedicated to the Lord.  There were a lot of children at the front as brothers and sisters joined their parents.  

We did indeed have a “Merry Christmas”.  

Prayer Points:

  • For Joshua, one of our Amani waiters who is traveling to the countryside for evangelistic preaching services.
  • For traveling mercies as EMM workers Peter, Chrissy, Moses, and Celeste return to Zanzibar.  Peter is teaching and Chrissy is a nurse.
  • For us as we learn how to get around in Nairobi and find the things we need as we “settle in”.
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